How to Travel to ITPL or K R Puram by Train (Bangalore)

Most of the pople who daily travel to ITPL or K R Puram might have got irritated by travel through the bus from Rajajinagar, Kamalanagar, Mahalaxmi Layout, Nadini Layout or any near by north end place, if so now the better solution for them is to catch a train which will go towards Channai, Marikuppam, Bangarpet, Arakonnam, Chickballapur, Salem etc. All these train will reach to K R Puram or Whitefield whithin an 30Min. Nobody takes with this much early that too in peak time like 8 to 10 in the morning and 5 yo 8 in the evening.

Hence i recommend you to travel by train in this route, which is very convinent.

Train has to be catched from majectic (City Railway Station).

Train run frequently in the morning the train timings are Morning 7, 7:15, 8:15, 8:40, 9:00, 9:20, 9:40. I will upadate the Full time time table here some time afterwards till then if you have any query regarding this travel please comment me.

If you have any queries regaring railway please feel free to contact me with comments.


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  1. Hi Praveen,

    Can you tell me the best way to go to K.R Puram
    While coming from hyderabad by Train.

    shud i get down at Majestic and then come to K R Puram or is there any other good and shot route.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi pawan,
      If you want to go to KR Puram better way is to get down at channasandra or Baiyappanhalli which are not official stop (in either of the one it will stop) but for crossing or else get down at “cantonment” Railway station from there you can catch one more train which goes to KR Puram instead of going to majestic.

  2. Hi,

    This is a useful info. Can you give some more info on these trains that ply between bangalore city station and KR puram? I am looking at info like:
    1) Is there a way to book in advance?
    2) Where to buy tickets for these trains, name of the train?
    3) Is there more info available on indian rail website?
    4) What is fare?


    • Hi Venkat,
      Thanks for showing interest, if you are daily traveller then you can buy season ticket (i.e Monthly pass). This season ticket will differ for different trains like Passanger, Mail/Express and Super Fast. All will be having different fare and also this fare differs with the distance this information you can get from any time table book or Train at a glance book which are sold in the railways station counters.
      If you are trvelling any one time then you take ticket like normal second class ticket.
      1) No need to book the ticket in advance because it is hardly 14Kms form Majestic.
      2) you can buy the ticket like normal IInd class ticket.
      3) If you want to know details of fare trains etc you can log on to
      4) will provide the trains details but it does not provide you the passnger trains info, but will provide all including frare, stoppages etc.
      I think i cleared your doubts, still exits then ping me up.

  3. Thanks for the clarification.

  4. Thanks for the train timings for K R Puram, but what about the timings to return from K R Puram ?


    • Hi,
      Trains from KR Puram to Bangalore are at 14.00, 16.10, 18.00 these are Passanger trains.
      After this there are 3 sperfast trains at 19.00, 19.30, 21.00.
      There may slight variation with the time.
      From Baiyappannahalli you get 2 more extra trains at 17.40, 17.55 these are passangers.

  5. Hi, Is Bangalore EXP aftrernoon train will stop in kR. Puram . Train is from Chennai @ 1.30 PM and as per irctc site it will reach k.R puram by 7.08 PM .

    • Hi veena,
      The train which you are telling is Train No.2609 and it leaves chennai @1.30pm and comes to KR Puram after 7.30pm Daily (Majority), in rare case it will come nealy @7.20pm.
      I hope i made your doubt clear.
      Thanks for showing intrest.

      • Hi Praveen,

        You have given a fentastic idea.

        I wanted to know what is the platform number .


      • Hi Swamy,
        Thanks for your visit and please convey the idea to your friends.
        The platform number 1 to 7 will be alloted to these trains, once you go to railway station you will come to know.


  6. Hello, can any one help me understanding is there any trains running between following and if so would appreciate if can provide the schedules for the same. thanks.

    Channasandra to KR puram

    KR puram to bangalore city railway station.

    • Hi Rakesh,
      from chansandra to bangalore the train is at 17.20 (chikkaballput passanger) which will reach to majestic (city railway station) at 18.00 or 18.20

      see my updated blog for more info

  7. Hi Praveen,

    Pls flash the info about the monthly PASS for the this local train

  8. Hi,

    I would like to know the list of trains running from K R Puram to Bangalore City between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm in the evening. Please help. Thanks in advance.

    Venkat Raja

  9. hi
    i want to where i should get down to go towards Sai Baba Hospital. which is the nearest stop to get down.
    ITPL or K.R.Puram. please also do specify th etrain timings as wellas the platform with the train names,along with the faire of monthly pass.


  10. hi
    i want to where i should get down to go towards Sai Baba Hospital.


  11. When i saw ur bit of information on Blore to KR puram timings i realy feel good becouse iam searching the same from so many days. ok i want train timeblore to kr puram and KR puram to balore passenger train timings, and is their any stop at ITPL . beacouse i need travel to ITPL everyday from balore.
    ur replay with train timings will help me a lot


  12. Hi,

    i want to know abt the train timings for the KR puram from Majistic how many trains is there for the KR puram in afternoon .mainly local and passenger trains

    Thanking you………..


  13. Hi..
    I’m working in ITPL,can anyone help me to find which stop would be near by to get down(either Whitefield or Kadugodi).If Kadugodi,do v have stop for that..

    • Stop is there in ITPL i dont know about kadugodi, i request you to travel & check
      While taking ticket in the counter itself you can ask, as i did not try i dont know much
      if i come to know i will surely inform you for train timing see the link

    • Whitefield is the station (for kadugodi too). From there, buses are right outside the station to take us to ITPL (rs 3/- , or Rs. 10 in vajra)

      For train timings, you can also refer to the link:

      I could not see a direct way to find out from-to time table. but from the arrivals/departure links, we can get the train number and their schedules

      • Thanks deepak for more info

      • hi deeepak …..m suppi here cuming from banswadi east railway station ………..please let me know any trains r thr from blre east to ITPL …….m a daily traveller at timings from 8 a m and reaching office at 9.30 by bus ………its heavy traffic as u know : )

  14. Please help me in obtaining the following information.
    I have to travel from KR Puram to Cantonment or Majestic or Yaswantpur depending upon my official engagement. As bus journey takes a lot of time, I would like to avail train services. Please inform me the exact timings of all the trains including halting time of both onward and backward journey between:
    1. KR Puram and Cantonment Rly stan.
    2. Cantonment Rly stn and KR Puram
    3.KR Puram and Yaswantpur
    4. Yaswantpur and KR Puram
    5. KR Puram and Blr city junction
    6. Banga;pre City junction to KR Puram

    Reply may please be sent to my e-mail id.

  15. can you please let me know the daily passenger trains between Krishnarajapuram to Banaswadi

    • ya thr r passenger trains between blre east n KR puram ,,……..but banswadi stataion m not sure ………..bcos its a different route ……….east station is linked to KRp uram and whitefield station …so u can take the east staion : )

  16. How I will go from krishnarajapurm to Whitefield Hospital (Sri Sathya Sai Center)

  17. Hi, can any one tell me whether there is any trains running to mysore from or via K.R Purum? if so can you provide the schedules for the same. thanks.

  18. Hi Praveen,

    Information provided above is really awesome. It would be good if you could give train numbers along with departure time from city station & kr puram to city.


  19. Train from Yeshwanthpur to KR puram:

    Train number 2836: Ypr Hatia Express, leaves Ypr at 08.30 hrs.

    • Train 2836 leaves Ypr at 8.30hrs & suppose to reach KRpuram by 9.00 but reaches only by 9.30.
      Ticket charge is 26Rs.

  20. At what time we have train from Mejestic to kadugodi

  21. Wonderful service!

    I am coming to whitefield for an interview from Madras (chennai). could you pls let me know if it is better for me to get down at the KR Puram station or the majestic station?

    Thanks again for your help!


  22. Hi all, i had booked a train to salem from bangalore city junction which departures at 6:15 am. please tell me how can i reach at time to bangalore city junction from kr puram station? is there any train on thursday? can i reach my destination on time?

  23. hi i want 2 know the train timings from cantonment to krpuram and whitefield can u help me.


  24. Hi Praveen,

    You help lots of ppl here.

    Can you help me?

    i am going on 22 morning by train from Yeshwantpur to Mumbai, My train timing will be morning 6 o’clock. And i m stay at BEML layout (KundanaHali) so there are problem to reach at railway station. i asked auto but everyone tell me around 500rs. this is too much any alternate way to reach yeshwantpur.

    K R Puram is nearer Railway station to me. Any train from K R Puram to yeshwantpur ??

    Thank waiting for your reply.

  25. Hi Praveenkumar Hallur,

    I would like to know the list of trains running from Bangalore City Central to K R Puram between 6:30 am and 8:00 am. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  26. Hello….

    The Train Fare for Passenger Rs 4 and Express is around Rs 25. Also monthly passes are available (Passenger Train pass Rs 115 p.m and Express train pass Rs 265 p.m ).

    Note: All the trains has stopover in KR puram.

    Dep ↑↑

    Majestic to Whitefield – Morning

    12610 Bangalore-Chennai In… SF SWR SBC* 8:00 WFD 8:33 0h 33m 2
    56262 Bangalore Arakkonam . Pass SWR SBC* 9:20 WFD 10:02 0h 42m 4
    66530 Bangalore Bangarpet … MEMU SWR SBC* 9:50 WFD 10:29 0h 39m 4

    Whitefield to Majestic – Evening

    56261 Arakkonam– Bangalore Pass SWR WFD 17:50 SBC* 18:45 0h 55m 4

    Morning Majestic – KRPURAM

    12610 Bangalore-Chennai In… SF SWR SBC* 8:00 KJM 8:22 0h 22m
    12295 SanghaMitra Express SF SWR SBC* 9:00 KJM 9:26 0h 26m 1

    Evening KRPURAM — Majestic

    12609 Chennai-Bangalore In… SF SWR KJM 19:15 SBC* 20:05 0h 50m 2
    12296 Sangha Mitra Express SF SWR KJM 19:38 SBC* 20:40 1h 2m 2

    From Yeshwantpur to KRPURAM

    Only Tuesday
    12846 Yesvantpur Bhubanesw… SF SER YPR* 8:00 KJM 8:50 0h 50m 0

    Only Wednesday & Friday
    12836 Yesvantpur-Hatia Exp… SF SER YPR* 8:30 KJM 9:03 0h 33m 0

    Only Monday
    6543 Yesvantpur – Ernakul… Exp SWR YPR* 9:15 KJM 9:58 0h 43m 1

    From KRPURAM to Yeswanthpur

    only Tuesday & Friday
    12544 Tirupati-Yesvantpur … SF SR KJM 20:00 YPR* 20:55 0h 55m 0

    List needs to be updated for Hosur Road, Sarjapur to whitefield

    Information is taken from Indian Rail info

  27. hi praveen,

    as i want to travel to whitefield from vijayanagar,,your information was very much useful.

    one more thing,, CAN WE FIND TRAIN AT 9 to city from kr pram….because,train timing are not updated latest ..

    can any one,help


  28. Praveen,
    I need to travel from majestic to RMZ centennial at Kundanahalli gate near whitefield. Is there a train stop nearby.

    Your info. has been extremly helpful so far.


  29. I want the timings of train to travel from Cantonment Railway station to KR Puram please help me in the same with morning timings and back evening timings

  30. Hi guys,
    any one plz let me knowthe trrain from cantonment to kr puram in morning.

  31. Guys,
    Please let me know any train between cantonmnt to kr puram in morning

  32. hi praveen..
    i stay at rajajinagar 1st block n work in dere any possibility of me using the train? n if so, could u please tell me which train n from where do i catch it?

    • it is very easy to travel from your place to itpl. I was travelling like that
      you can catch any train @ 6.30, 8.00, 9.00, 9.20, 10.00 from city railway station.

      • okay….goin to itpl is fine…but while returning from whitefield, dere is dis blore express at 7 n after dat dere is another at 9. was wondering if dere is any train inbetween like at 8 or something?

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